Keep your facial hairs tidy

Whether you usually cut them or keep them growing out, the facial hairs can quickly look neglected and let’s face it it is not attractive.

It can give you the so-called Caveman look. Cavemen were great for painting on the walls and doing BBQs, ok, but let’s beat this look, and look fresh and clean by tidying your facial hairs.

Your facial appearance is one of the most exposed part to people. It requires a lot of attention. Many men consider the grooming routines just necessary, and sometimes just as a duty, but it has to be done.


How often should I pay attention to my facial hairs?

It really depends on how fast your facial hairs grow, how dark they are and what shape you want. For some guys, once a week is fine and for other once every two days. The important point is to keep them tidy, shaped and clean.


What’s better to use?

Electric razors and trimmers are very convenient. They are easy to use and save a lot of time. Many models do not shave as close as the manual razors, but the process takes only a few secs and is giving you a fresh and clean look.


What are the options in electric shaver?

The technology progressed a lot since their apparition back in the days. The first electric shaver was invented by Jacob Schick in 1923, a foil electric shaver. Then in 1937, the rotary one appeared thanks to Alexander Horowits. These are the two main categories, the Foil and the Rotary shavers. Both can be used under the water safely, some of them can even be submerged up to 5 meters, no idea why to be honest.

Most cordless shavers are waterproof so you can technically use it under the shower. But I wouldn’t recommend it because you risk dropping it and damaging the electrical components. The term “wet shaving” implies that the product can be used with shaving cream.

Shaving cream adds a layer of protection and lubrication that protects the skin from direct metal to skin contact. This layer of lubrication protects the skin from irritation.

If you have sensitive skin, using shaving cream is advisable.


What are the difference between foil and rotary shavers?

Mainly their heads.
A foil head contains oscillating blades which moves back and forth. It is comparable to scissors, their shape are rectangular and offer pivotal heads for a maximum facial adaptability.
On the other hand, the rotary head has three disc where razors are spinning around extremely quickly. They are designed to follow the contours of your face. Some prefer it for its adaptability, particularly on edges like neck and chin.


How to choose between the two?

This is a hot topic. Shaving is subject to very strong opinions and debates. Let’s stay fresh and present how you can direct your choice since both have their advantages. Here is a quick table to help you:


  • smooth shave
  • shave every day
  • relatively fine facial hair
  • real precision
  • close shave on the cheeks
  • shave in straight lines


  • regular to tough skin
  • thicker, coarser hair
  • shaving not on a daily basis
  • cutting longer hairs
  • contours to navigate
  • beard hair in different directions


What’s next?

We are reviewing some of the best electric shavers, come back soon to see our recommendations.

Last update was on: 21st January 2021 1:38 pm